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Paint The Cave

Indie / Alt-Rock Band

Cave paintings are some of the world’s oldest remaining works of art. Dating back tens of thousands of years, these paintings illustrate mankind's ability not only to interpret their surroundings but to give meaning to them as well.

Cut to now: In an era dominated by attractive yet over-produced pop stars, Paint The Cave founder Jeremy Harris set out to contribute a fresh coat of paint to the walls of the proverbial cave that is today's monotonous music industry.

The result? Paint The Cave, a project Harris launched with the intention of crafting “music with a message,” a division he says is “almost nonexistent" and "desperately needed in the industry these days.” Harking back to the Golden Age of Rock, Paint The Cave calls attention to current issues – from social to political – addressing each one from a philosophical perspective. 

Paint The Cave’s fusion of smooth vocals, hard-hitting drums, epic guitar leads, groovy bass lines and easy rhythms align with Harris’ uncanny ability to relate his lyrics to the real world, defining this band as both entertaining and captivating. With their dynamic, soul-touching music and universal lyrics, Paint The Cave aims to have a lifespan that appeals to generations of fans and a longevity rivaling that of the ancient cave paintings.

Jeremy Harris

Guitar / Vocals

Poyraz Aldemir


Onur Gul